Cheerdance UK

Rainton Meadows Arena

On 25th June 2017 TTSS cheerleaders headed to Rainton Meadows Arena in Durham to take part in Cheerdance UK. Out of hundreds of competitors, from throughout the North East,  we were lucky to come away with multiple trophies on the day. Students performed amazingly in both solo and squad events, but most importantly showed fantastic energy and team spirit.

Results on the day were;
1st Place - Under 7yrs squad
1st Place - Under 13yrs large squad
3rd Place - Under 13yrs small squad

2nd place - Sophie Reay (Age 10 Beginner)
3rd place - Sophia Minshull (Age 5 Newcomer)
4th place - Brooke Gabel Ramsay (Age 9 Beginner)
4th place - Erin Fisk (Age 11 Beginner)
4th place - Grace Macauley (Age 12 Beginner)
4th place - Brooke Armstrong (Age 10 Intermediate)
5th place - Sophie Langlands (Age 11 Intermediate)
5th place - Frances Taylor (Age 12 Intermediate)
6th place - Zara Jurowska (Age 11 Beginner)
6th place - Georgia Graham (Age 12 Intermediate)
6th place - Morgan Armstrong (Age 12 Advanced)
7th place - Kimberley Smith (Age 13 Advanced)